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Our philosophy is to breed for quality.
Our foals have pretty heads, short backs, big hips,
black feet and good minds all in roan packages.

extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2
Freckles Blue Chic AQHA-3969360, 2000 blue roan mare, 15.2 hh, "Chic" has been a top producing mare for us. Chic is sired by Majors Son Ofa Doc, cutting bred on the top side, speed bred on her dam side and has that beautiful blue roan color and super conformation. She is the dam of Freckle Ofa Jaybird, (our replacement stallion for Jaybird) and Jaybird Style, a mare we saved back for a broodmare. Pretty head, good neck, big hipped and a good conformation mare.

extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2
Glorys Blue Miss AQHA-3978115, 2000 blue roan mare, 15 hh, 91% foundation, UC Davis tested DT-27096 Rn/Rn, E/e, a/a. "Glory" has been a wonderful producing mare for us. Everyone loves this mare and her foals are the first to sell with their pretty heads and big hips. We've had a lot of feedback on her foals, not only are they pretty but they like to ride; her colts are proving to be some topnotch rope and working cowhorses and are very intelligent and easy to train. Glory has several sons standing at stud, and some top Hancock breeders have purchased her daughters. Her dam resides in Wales. A good conformation mare with a beautiful head, and a little lighter blue than most.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2
Amber Bar Tivio AQHA-3981245, 2000 blue roan mare, 84% foundation. Amber has produced some real athletic type fillies that we saved back for future mares, with her versatile pedigree and our Hancock bred studs they are smart, athletic and handsome.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2 ... ... photo 3 ... ... photo 4 ... ... photo 5
Keo Kings Lady AQHA-409890, 2001 blue roan mare tested Rn/Rn, E/e, At/a, and 95.31% Foundation. "Lady" is by Azul Caballo Amigo, with Two Eyed Jack and Happy Hancock on the bottom side. She is a thick bodied, heavy muscled, pretty headed mare. Lady is an awesome producer. We have ridden her daughters and kept them back for replacement mares.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... ... photo 2

Blue April Valentine AQHA Appendix-X0609600, 2002 blue roan mare with no white & no red factor: U.C. Davis tested DT-27095 N/Rn, E/E, a/a, 87% foundation. Valentine is a daughter of Azul Caballo Amigo and by a daughter of Gerries Valentine by Plenty Try with a shot of TB on her grand dam side. She is a big homozygous black mare that produces colts with pretty heads and big hips.

extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2

Carita Lee Gitanno
- 2003 AQHA blue roan mare, 94.82% foundation, "Carita" is also the good blue color with no white. She is another good conformation, open pedigree type mare that has crossed real well with our stallions. We have topped the market with her colts. She produced the high selling horse in the Hancock Horse Breeders Sale in 2010.

Style ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2 ... ... photo 3 ... ... photo 4

sire: Jaybird Hancock sire: Revue Hancock
dam: Ms Punky Hancock
dam: Freckles Blue Chic sire: Majors Sonofa Doc
dam: Cut In Style

extended pedigree

Jaybird Style AQHA-4841760, 2006 blue roan mare - 81.46% foundation - "Style" is 15.1 hh, U C Davis lab tested Rn/Rn, E/E and a/a. As a yearling Style got into the wire in the pasture which left her brood mare sound only, but she is off to a wonderful start as a momma with her first colt going to Wyoming as a stallion prospect; he is Rn/Rn, E/E and a/a just like his sire. She is producing the kind we like.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1
Shi Jaybird Lady AQHA-4841756, 2006 blue roan mare - 84.98% foundation. Shi's first baby was a homozygous roan, E/E and a/a filly by Blues. Her second colt is also homozygous for roan and a beautiful stud prospect.
photo & pedigree coming here
Skippa Jaybird AQHA-4942902 2007 blue roan daughter of Jaybird. 88.98% foundation. Skippa had her first colt in 2011; a filly that looks like one of the best we've ever raised.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1
Pretty Plain Driftin AQHA 4965295, 2007 blue roan daughter of Last Canal with Blue Valentine on her papers and out of a Driftwood bred dam, thought we'd add to our broodmare band.
photo & pedigree coming here
Snip Canal AQHA 4992555, another 2007 blue roan Last Canal daughter with a Driftwood bred dam.
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... ... photo 2 ... ... ... photo 3 ... ... ... photo 4

Amber Bar Hancock
AQHA-5092725, 2008 blue roan mare, 88.98% foundation, 15.1 daughter of Jaybird. We expect some pretty foals from this mare in the future, she is very balanced - a typical Jaybird daughter, an outstanding mare with a pretty head and big hip. Photo 4 is her with her first foal (2012).
extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... ... photo 2 ... ... ... photo 3

Gerries Blue Hancock AQHA-Appendix X-0675394 2008 blue roan mare, 90.84% foundation Rn/Rn, E/E & a/a. Gerrie is a homozygous roan/black daughter of Jaybird and a granddaughter of Azul Caballo Amigo with all the has all the credentials one could ask for; watch for her 2012 foal.

extended pedigree ... ... ... photo 1 ... ... photo 2 ... ... ... photo 3

Jaybird Lady Hancock
AQHA-50917447 blue roan mare, 94.55% foundation Rn/Rn, E/e and a/a - 2008 daughter of Jaybird, out of Keo King's Lady by Azul Caballo Amigo, this mare has always been an eye catcher and we are anxious to see what she will produce. Little Lady is probably the prettiest headed mare we've raised and has the conformation to match. We rode her as a 2 year old; quick, smart and no buck.

photo & pedigree coming here ... ... photo 1 (3yo) ... ... photo 2
Jaybird Lady AQHA-5232933 2009 blue roan mare, 94.55% foundation. This is the last Jaybird daughter we raised and certainly a keeper. Also out of Keo King's Lady, a full sister to Jaybird Lady Hancock. "Bunny Blue" is another future broodmare by Jaybird with all the same fine qualities as her older sisters.
photo & pedigree coming here
BLH SweetyPieHancock AQHA 5290257 2010 blue roan filly.

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